LenderVault is a search engine designed for mortgage specialists that provides instant research on the best mortgage options available. LenderVault  is an efficiency tool that massively reduces time spent on tedious and error prone mortgage research, and allows professionals more time to focus on growing their business.

Using LenderVault is quick and easy. Simply sign in and enter your client's information using LenderVault's carefully selected and flexible search criteria. LenderVault then searches its vast database of thousands of mortgage products to find the best matches for your deal. Instant search results will let you know the best lender options for your deal and can accommodate either simple or highly complex mortgage scenarios. With the majority of the research now done, simply choose a lender and place the mortgage with confidence.

To see LenderVault in action, view the tutorial videos or sign up for a free guest account.


  • 1. Basic Search Criteria

  • 2. Advanced Search Criteria

  • 3. Results!

Basic Search Criteria

Advanced Search Criteria



Get a Comptetive Edge



  • Save massive amounts of time on research
  • Get instant lender options
  • Place highly complex deals with confidence
  • Ensure higher closing ratios
  • We organize the lender emails and packages



LenderVault Does the Research

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